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The gearbox adopts a new design, its advantages are:

● From the box body to the internal gear, the complete modular design is adopted, and the types of parts are reduced.

The number of specifications is increased, which is suitable for large-scale production and flexible selection.

● The transmission power is increased and the operation reliability is improved.

● Using an excellent non-contact anti-wear labyrinth sealing device.

● A flange shaft suitable for installation in a small space can be provided.

The product is modularized and optimized design, which has extremely high combination and interchangeability. Designed according to level 5 precision, the gear is made of high-quality alloy steel carburized and quenched, and the diameter of the internal and external teeth is 2500mm. The gear is pre-shaped to reduce noise. Professional heat treatment and tooth root treatment technology ensure the strength and improve the load capacity of the reducer. ability.

Installation method

can provide horizontal installation and vertical installation of gearbox, also can provide other installation forms.

Standard gearboxes can be equipped with different accessories such as motor mounting flanges.

Gearbox floating base or backstop, etc., satisfies customer requirements very well.

Noise characteristics

Adopting the latest design concepts and significantly improving the noise characteristics of the gearbox through the following methods:

● Bevel gear grinding technology.

● Use computer programs to design a cabinet structure that absorbs noise.

● Achieve extremely large tooth surface contact ratio.

Thermal performance

The gearbox not only has high transmission efficiency, but also has good heat dissipation performance, because:

● Increased the surface area of ​​the box.

● Non-contact labyrinth sealing device can be used.

● Large fan and a new type of guide fan cover are used.

In terms of gear box selection, the gear box is based on the lower maximum allowable oil temperature. This not only improves operational reliability, but also reduces maintenance costs due to the extension of the oil change period.



Lubrication method

In order to ensure that the gearbox components can be fully lubricated during operation, various lubrication methods such as oil immersion lubrication, flange pump forced lubrication and electric pump forced lubrication can be provided to meet the needs of different working conditions. The oil temperature can be controlled within the allowable range by selecting the forced lubrication detection element and the external water-oil cooler.

In stock

The gearbox adopts a new modular unit structure, which significantly reduces the types of parts. Most of the main components are in stock, so that the gearbox can be supplied in a short period of time.


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