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leader's speech


Shandong Huacheng Zhongde Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. aims to become a large-scale enterprise group with international competitiveness and keep forging ahead. Through continuous technological improvement and independent innovation, it realizes the extensional expansion of the enterprise and accelerates the division of labor and integration into the global manufacturing industry. The cooperation system, the scale and strength of the enterprise are increasing year by year.

In the future, Huacheng Zhongde will gradually realize the strategic goals of continuous corporate growth, management groupization, market internationalization, and technology industrialization, and eventually develop into an internationally renowned brand. Our company will continue to work hard to continuously provide high-quality products to further meet customer needs, adhering to the quality policy of "using better quality to meet customers' higher requirements." Provide comprehensive, holistic, high value-added services to meet the continuous development needs of new and old friends at home and abroad, and share the joy of technological progress and social prosperity with all friends!


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